Happy Earth Day


Bare For Bare product range is designed and made thoughtfully to ensure that it is truly green and sustainable.

We use 100% natural and botanical ingredients in all our products. Our products and none of our ingredients are tested on animals, to ensure that Bare For Bare is a cruelty-free brand. Most importantly, we do not incorporate any parabens, silicones, mineral oils, sulphates, PEGs and colourants in any of our Bare For Bare products. Hence, our products are not only effective, but gentle and suitable to most skin type.

Being a green personal care brand, we are conscious of how we deploy packaging in bringing our products to the market. We are doing our part by utilising certified biodegradable bottles that is compliant with ISO 14000 standards and is tested by ASTM testing methods and EPA standards for biodegradability, as well as meeting the US FDA standards and European Directives for Packaging and Packaging Waste.

In keeping with Bare For Bare’s green credentials, we also ensure that our manufacturing processes are fully compliant to stringent, local Environmental Quality Regulations. Industrial effluent is part of manufacturing, it is extremely important that we adhere fully to environmental standards under our ESG policies.

We do this by having :

  • Competent Persons controlling incoming effluent in large equalization tanks;
  • filtering coarse solids and separating oil and water;
  • then applying Physical Chemical Processes and Biological Systems to further treat the effluent;
  • before finally ensuring that the discharge is clean and safe for our environment.

By embracing Bare For Bare this Earth Day, you can be assured that you have chosen a product that has been thoughtfully designed and made, that is not only good for you, but also kind for our Earth.

Happy Earth Day!